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Are you ready to move past Fear, Frustration, and Overwhelm in order to Enjoy the Ride?

Want to easily develop Attention, Relaxation, and Quality Communication with your horse?

The Horsemanship Academy gives you the tools to Confidently develop a fun, safe, and deeply connected equine partnership.

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Are you the kind of person who is highly motivated and ready for a transformation with your horse? 

How would it feel to have personalized support and a clear path?  Do you want to try bitless riding and feel the benefit of ultimate partnership?

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Are you looking for a more confidence with your horse? 

Are you looking for system with personalized support to help you reach your goals? 

Have you studied horsemanship and feel unmotivated or stuck?

If you said YES!, then you are in the RIGHT PLACE!

We can help you confidently create a close connection where you can easily "speak horse" and develop your herd of two with your horse.

You will have fun, be safe and ENJOY THE RIDE!  Beginning with the Foundation Phase, you will immediately see changes in your horse.  Moving through the Function and Focus Phases, you will grow and expand your abilities with your horse and easily reach your goals, be it pleasure or professional level.

After 25+ years of working with problem horses and helping both professionals and recreational riders

Julie Robins is sharing her Ultimate Equine Partnership Process so you can have the same transformative results.

By following these steps, you too can achieve unbelievable connection and confidence with your horse. 

You will be better able to understand what your horse is trying to tell you, you will be able to work more efficiently with your horse, and you will be able to solve challenges and make progress like never before!


I am Julie Robins and I understand the ups and downs of working with horses.

Chances are that I have been where you are with your horse, particularly if you are experiencing frustration, overwhelm or lack of an idea of how to progress.  I came to horses as an adult, seemingly learning everything the hard way!

I have dealt with it all... bolting, bucking, biting, kicking, and bad behaviors in my own horses before I found a way to build a true partnership.

I thought fear, frustration, overwhelm, and injury were just part of "life with horses".  "Toughen up!," they said!  I tried...

Today, I pride myself on teaching others the way I wish I had been taught using a system that explains the why behind the what and works with the nature of the horse. I created The Horsemanship Academy in 2005 to educate, empower and inspire others.

I would love to help you rebuild your confidence, solve challenging problems, recharge your relationship with your horse, and take your ground work, liberty work, and riding to the next level.


Wondering how we can work together?

Let me tell you more about the Learning Platform that is transforming relationships!

The Ultimate Equine Partnership Process

When you are ready to make amazing progress with your horse, the Ultimate Equine Partnership Process is for you!  This online learning program with individual support has riders raving!  You will get personal attention and support, along with the camaraderie of a group of like-minded riders.  This program will educate, empower, and inspire you to reach your goals and experience true connection with your horse.

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What clients are saying...

Julie is the most intuitive and well-rounded horse person I know. She has helped my wife, Shelley Onderdonk, DVM, and myself with dozens of our horses at all different stages, from foal handling to starting horses under tack to improving playing horses.  Julie has a great ability to communicate and share her insights and knowledge.  She is a genuine talent!

Adam Snow


Former 10 Goal Professional Polo Player, Inducted into Polo Hall of Fame, Co-Author with wife Shelley Onderdonk, DVM the book POLO LIFE

I am forever grateful to have met and worked with Julie.  My mare went from aggressive, grumpy, pulling on the bit, not listening, and jigging on the trail to soft, light, easy to handle and ride both in the arena and on the trail.  Julie has empowered me to shift my relationship with Lakota from stressful and difficult to delightful and fun!  She is gifted not only with horses but also in communicating, educating, and empowering people.

Julia Mitchell

Happy Horse Owner

It's not easy to find a clinician/educator who has the appropriate hands-on field experience to compliment an educational background, but that does exist with Julie Robins!  She brings her deep passion and years of extraordinary experience with horses to both her in person and online work. I highly recommend her work and know you will be amazed with what YOU learn, regardless of your equine experience.

Julie A. Snyder


Director of Equestrian Programs, Keiser Univeristy

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