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The Horsemanship Academy gives you the tools to Confidently develop a fun, safe, and deeply connected equine partnership.

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Imagine Joy, Trust, & Awe as your horse meets you at the gate, you mount up, head out on a trail, trot down centerline, or breeze through a course together. You wonder, is it really is possible to accomplish what you set out to do with your horse?

YES! With Julie Robins as your Guide -
You can create a transformation!


Have you been looking for a deeper relationship with your horse but you lack a clear path to follow?

You are NOW one step closer to EFFORTLESS communication with your horse.


You are craving easy ways to get your horse's attention, relaxation, and to advance your connection?

Regardless of your background, your riding discipline, your age, or your injury, The Horsemanship Academy is ready to give you a leg up!


You don't have to hold back on your dreams. You can plan for the future without fear regardless of where you find yourself now in your horse journey. 

If you've ever said, "I wish this horse came with a handbook!" then you are in the right place! 

“Start with what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you're doing the impossible.”

Francis Assisi

The Horsemanship Academy Signature Program

Get exactly what you need in this easy-to-follow step-by-step course!



You no longer need YEARS to become the leader your herd wants. Now you can learn how in 3-part mini series with the convenience of a virtual experience.

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A concise 6-week course that includes Julie's signature essentials - perfect for riders of all levels

Between the Ears expands your perceptions and teaches you how to think like a horse. The AHA! Toolbox provides all the action items needed to integrate and implement your newfound knowledge.

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Graduates of Between the Ears and AHA! Toolbox receive ongoing support with this membership program:

1. New Weekly Exercises to engage with your horse and continue your journey

2. Mastermind Level with LIVE Online Lessons & In-Person Retreats! 

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Julie Robins understands the ups and downs of working with horses.

As someone who came to horses as an adult, Julie learned the hard way.

From the beginning, Julie dealt with bolting, bad behavior, and being asked to leave boarding barns. Fear, frustration, and injury compounded.

Not one to turn down a challenge, Julie left her career as an architect & urban planner to immerse herself in horsemanship training. With 30 years of experience, she is now offering her valuable FOUNDATION, TOOLBOX, and FRAMEWORK in carefully structured and easy to follow online courses!

Julie Robins can help you rebuild your confidence, solve challenging problems, recharge your natural horsemanship journey, and take your riding to the next level.


"Julie Robins is hands down one of the best trainers I have worked with, and I’ve worked with a lot over my lifetime with horses. My current horse has always been very anxious, in no small part due to abuse he suffered as a foal. This meant I always felt I had to be on my toes in case he reacted suddenly to something around him. After two months with Julie I have seen a huge change in him. Her focus on ground work for safety and communication combined with her keen insight into horse personality and psychology has created a bond between my horse and I that I was beginning to think wasn’t possible. His confidence has grown enormously and that in turn has increased my confidence in him. Once I learned to appreciate and speak his “language” the changes came quickly and steadily. I’m so happy to have found Julie and highly recommend her training program. She incorporates the one thing that I now realize is missing in other trainer’s programs – identifying your horse’s personality and learning style is fundamental to everything else you do with them from leading to riding. My horse and I now work in partnership because I communicate with him in language he understands and the difference has been nothing short of amazing."

Kathryn G. Pears
MPPM Training & Education Committee Co-Chair Steering Committee Member National Task Group on Intellectual Disabilities and Dementia Practices (NTG) W

"Julie was recommended to me as a trainer who could help me with some issues I was having with my horse, Lakota. The results were fantastic. My mare went from aggressive, grumpy, pulling on the bit, not listening and jigging on the trail to soft, light, easy to handle and ride both on the trail and in the arena. Julie has taught me how to communicate with Lakota and has helped me shift my relationship with her from stressful and difficult to delightful and fun! I have witnessed similar success with many other people and their horses. She is gifted not only with horses but also in communicating, educating and empowering people."

Julia Mitchell
& Lakota

"It's not always easy to find a clinician/educator who has the appropriate hands-on field experience to compliment an educational background, but that does exist with Julie Robins! Not only does she possess a MA degree, is a business owner, a published author and "Ted Talk" speaker, but Julie also owns a deep passion and years of extraordinary experience to add to her equine teachings and clinics. Being in the field of education for the past fourteen years and serving as a Program Director and Department Chair, I can guarantee you that these qualities are those that make for a home run! If in doubt, work with Julie OR watch her work for a session and you'll be amazed with what YOU will learn, regardless of your equine experience!"

Julie A. Snyder
Director of Equestrian Programs Keiser University

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