When you are ready to make amazing progress, we are here to help!

We can help you with young horse progression, starting under saddle, developing new skills for disciplines, learning liberty work with your horse, progressing to bit-less and bridle-less, Working Equitation, and about anything else you can think of!

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Get Started with Our Signature Course:  Between the Ears

Whether you are looking to deepen the bond, build confidence, fix a problem, or dive into liberty or bridle-less work, the first step is to understand what goes on between their ears.   The Six Lessons in this course give you the insight you need for Liberty Work, Bit-less Riding, Bridle-less Riding and so much more!  

This amazing course help you to Think like a Horse!  This course is a prerequisite to all of our other programs. 

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When you are ready to have more confidence, understand what your horse is telling you, and enjoy the ride, we are here to help!

The Ultimate Equine Partnership Process  is our signature program that gives you everything you need for HUGE SUCCESS! 

*This program is only for those who are very serious about making significant progress with their horse.

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