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The first step in the AHA Process of creating a deeper, more connected and a confidence-filled relationship with your horse is to learn what they are thinking!  Learn what is going on between their ears if you will!

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Step One:  Study horse psychology and how your horse thinks in the Core Course-Between the Ears.

Whether you are looking to deepen the bond, build confidence, fix a problem, or dive into liberty or bridle-less work, Step One is to understand our horse better. The starting point is to learn how our horses think, to understand our horse's personality, and to learn how horses interact at a herd level so we can develop better connections.  Step one is to take the first CORE Course is Between the Ears to deepen your understanding of horse psychology.

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The AHA Study Program is an online program that supports you through The AHA Connection Process and helps you reach your goals.  You do not have to own a horse to participate. 

The Study Program is designed for riders of all disciplines as well as recreational riders.  Many professionals and non-profit organizations have also found this course very useful.

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kajabi templates

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