Love and Believe in Yourself!


Another great work by Charles Mackesy, I LOVE HIS WORK!

You believe the story you tell yourself!  I know this to be true, and so does your horse!  Cheer lead yourself like a best friend would.  Talk nice to yourself!  It will show up in your work with your horse!  Your horse believes what you do!

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Confidence is like a checking account where deposits and withdrawals are made.  It takes courage to try again, to start over, to step out, to speak up, to stand up for what you believe in, etc. 

Sometimes I get lost down the rabbit hole of this...which is why I loved this quote so much!  Kinda simplifies it, doesn't it?!?! 

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One of my favorie artists!


I absolutely love Charles Mackesy's work!  He captures so many feelings I have when I am with my horses.  I have been there...I have been afraid!  Afraid in life!  Afraid on the back of an out of control horse!  Afraid on my first ride back after a bad fall!

Somehow, when I admit it to my horse, the chains of fear are replaced by wings!

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It's the little things that make the BIG differences!

I used to strive for perfection in many areas of my life and often with my horse.  I always show up to my horse with "a lot" I wanted to accomplish.  Over time I have realized that it is not the big things or the perfection that has help me advance the is the little things, done daily and with consistency that has helped me make the most progress on goals with my horses and my horsemanship!

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Willingness to Learn

I am often asked, what do I need to do in order be good with horses? be a better rider train my horse? move to the next level?

My answer is the same every time.  You need to be open and willing to learn.  The training of horses is a two way street.  I find, in my relationship with my own horses, that many times I am learning just as much as they are!

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