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Who is Julie Robins?

Julie Robins founded Aiken Horsemanship Academy (AHA) which is located in beautiful Aiken, SC. The teaching model and curriculum at AHA was developed from over 20 years of learning and teaching experience. Julie is very excited to launch The Horsemanship Academy, an online school to help students world wide continue to educate themselves and further their relationship with their horse.


More about Julie:

“I came to learn to ride horses as an adult and always felt the lesson were not teaching me all I needed to know. From my work with horsemanship greats like Tom Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Buck Brannaman, Pat Parelli, Dave Seay and Del Wideman, I got so many answers and insights into my problems and struggles. So, I have created AHA as a resource for learning from all my experiences and put together a program that teaches the way I wish I had been able to learn!” Julie Robins
We teach adults all the things you wished you had learned in riding lesson! From the ground up, our courses, clinics, lessons and training programs will help you learn, progress, and advance your horsemanship skills faster than you ever had before!

We believe that a good foundation with horses can be easily developed on the ground. We believe that communication and connectivity with your horse are the key elements for safety and fun with horses. Regardless of background or discipline of choice, we meet each student where they are with their horse, and work with them individually to develop goals and have massive success.

The Aiken Horsemanship Academy model and curriculum is unique in the country and probably the world. We teach new and experienced riders/horse handlers of all disciplines everything you didn’t learn in riding lessons, but really need to know! Stuff like how your horse thinks, learns, and what drives his behavior. How to build his trust and respect in you without resorting to forceful methods or equipment. How to work with his nature and personality to achieve your training goals while improving your relationship. How to preserve (or regain!) your own feeling of safety and competence when in new places or challenging situations with your horse. Whether you are an aspiring professional, a recreational rider, or a horse caretaker, our curriculum takes you from the pasture to the barn aisle to the arena and beyond.

We are here to educate, inspire and empower you and your horse!





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